Thursday, 26 January 2012

NEW Douga [ AKA Jonny from PLANK! ] MIXTAPE

Douga have just completed a new mixtape, volume 2 in follow up to last year's mix & as you'd expect, it's ace. Click here to head to the Soundcloud page or hit play/download below:

Vanishing Breed - Flowers Open For The Flight Of The Golden Butterfly
H Hawkline - From Her Eyes
Tony Allen - Hustler
Orchestra Of Spheres - Isness
Wildbirds And Peacedrums - There Is No Light
Haushka - Subconcious
Jonas Reinhardt - Only Pharaoh
Koushik - Battle Rhymes For Battle Times
Missa Luba - Ebu Ewale Kemai
Lloyd Miller & Heliocentrics - Nava
Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together 

Douga is a band based in Manchester, UK. Formed (and early recordings created and written) by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Johnny Winbolt-Lewis. As well as lending his drumming talents to Manchester instrumental trio PLANK! he was busy crafting an entirely new set of songs which showcase his non-drumstick related talents. The name Douga comes from a childhood nickname. “Making music I find comparable to being a kid because it’s exercising that ‘childlike’ imagination.” 

The unique atmosphere that early recordings conjour is in part down to their recording – the tracks were laid down amid the eerie acoustics of Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church with producer George Atkins and feature Lorien Garth Edwards from Cats in Paris, on bass and now fulltime member John Waddington on the track Remains the Same. “There’s always a slightly otherworldly vibe when recording in a church,” says Johnny. “At night time, you can hear every single movement.”

The current lineup consists of Harry Fenton, John Waddington and Johnny Winbolt-Lewis.

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