Wednesday, 30 May 2018


PLANK and NASDAQ commence their summer 2018 'PLASDAQ' tour next Tuesday June 5th at Tomorden's Golden Lion and tthen head onto Bath, Reading and Derby throughout the course of the week.

Facebook page for the Tod gig is here

So who are Nasdaq?

Expect lengthy, face melting instrumental riff-fests with plenty of light and shade, with a sprinking of doom for fans of GYBE!, Don Caballero.

Nasdaq will be playing an almost entirely new Nasdaq set of suitably lengthy numbers. But here is some old stuff:

& who are Plank?

Manchester's cosmic kraut three piece powerhouse return from their slumber following their insect inspired second album, "Hivemind".

Debuting material from the yet to be released album number three, Plank wear their Krautrock influences on their sleeves, while remaining firmly in the present and forward thinking; interweaving intricate, euphoric synth and pulsating bass with a motorik sensibility and adventures into heavier territory. Flavours of Neu and Can mingle comfortably alonsgide '80s King Crimson influences with hints of Tortoise.

& who then are PLASDAQ?!

Might have to wait & see....

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