Friday, 13 June 2014

PLANK 'Hivemind' Album Launch Party w/ Man Of Moon | Friday June 27th Klondyke Club

We are very proud to announce that on the 27th of this month PLANK mark the launch of their 2nd album 'Hivemind' for Akoustik Anarkhy with a party at Levenshulme's Klondyke Club.

Support is from Edinburgh's Man Of Moon, fresh from supporting The Phantom Band on tour. Check out their amazing 'Hit The Road' below >>>

Music in between will from aA DJs and for the latest updates, keep an eye on the Twitter feed...

Tickets for the party are £6 advance or £7 are the door & it starts at 8-ish then running til late. Facebook event thing here. If you need directions to The Klondyke, click here.

'Hivemind' will be released on vinyl, CD and download on July 07th so this'll be a chance to get the album ahead of most.  To pre-order the album across formats, click here.

Background on 'Hivemind'

It’s in the haze of a cloud of chirruping insects that Plank return, following their mammal-concerning debut LP Animalism two years ago, the instrumental trio and have thematically splintered the number of beings on new album Hivemind, paying homage to the millions of arthropods without which our global eco-system could not survive. It’s apt enough, really, because Plank themselves have opened up a whole new sub-species of sounds, elements and textures beyond their previous environment too, each track giving the feel of an overall movement through differing habitual undergrowth.

The album is dedicated to our friend and comrade Charlie Bayley aka Softpriest, who came up with the album title before his passing. Dave from Plank initially wanted to call it Insecticide before Charlie intervened. “He pointed out it seemed like a contradiction to have an album that was meant to be celebrating our insect brethren to then name it after the destroyer of all insects,” Dave says. “Hivemind worked on an entomological level and also suggested the collective mind set you need to you play in a band like Plank. It was perfect.”

Definitely an album designed for vinyl (it will be on 180 gram) with side A more song structures and side B should be listened to as one complete piece. 

Check out the opening track 'Grasshoppers From Mars' here: 

You'll be able to purchase the new 'Bee Mind' PLANK t-shirts at The Klondyke too:

PLANK are currently on tour - for a list of their upcoming UK, European & festival dates please click here.

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