Monday, 6 August 2012

Driver Drive Faster play PSTEREO FESTIVAL, Trondheim, NORWAY, Aug 17th

On August 17th Driver Drive Faster are playing PSTEREO FESTIVAL in Trondheim, Norway alongside a wide variety of Norwegian and international artists - click here for more info

Taken from the PSTEREO website: 

"Trondheim known for music, culture and community. Pstereo festival is a token of Trondheim summer – taking place during the third weekend of August every year and bringing together 7500...

Each year Pstereo rolls out onto ‘the Marine’, which could easily be considered Trondheim’s most ideallic and picturesque outdoor gathering space, right next to the Nidelva River. Aside from being home to the season’s best picnic spot, Marinen is next to the ancient site of Nidaros Cathedral, dating over 1,000 years. For this reason we urge that festival-goers consider this heritage and respect the outdoor space that we are borrowing. Once you arrive on the festival grounds it is expected that you act responsibly and care for the area. This preserves the grounds and allows for us to throw the festival here again in the future.

If you haven’t bought your festival tickets yet, get going! Pstereo tickets can be bought on the site, at Posten, Narvesen and 7-eleven.
From Thursday, August 16th a Pstereo ticket booth will be open in the main walking street Nordre . Avoid a queue and redeem your tickets early"

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