Tuesday, 3 July 2012


We decamp to the hills on Friday 13th July for a special Country aA at Bramsche in Todmorden with PLANK! playing live plus aA DJs in support

It's only 30 mins on the train from Manchester Victoria and PLANK! will be finishing their set in good time for anyone wanting to get the last train back. They'll also be taxi options for those that stay a bit later on.

& here's what they say about it on the Bramsche website...

"Legendary Manchester club and live night Akoustik Anarkhy makes a rare Todmorden appearance with our favourite contemporary krautrock combo Plank! playing live in the basement. Their debut album ‘Animalism’ is out soon.

“instru-mentalists with maverick Krautrock vibes” Guardian Guide

Their label bods aA (Akoustik Anarkhy) will also be bringing a bunch of records on the train to DJ and promise a range of psych, instrumental pop, electronica, noise, as well as some party classics, rock n troll or indeed what just so happens to be in their bags at the time"

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