Saturday, 26 May 2012

DRIVER DRIVE FASTER play Chorlton Arts Festival TONIGHT

Driver Driver Faster play St Ninian's Church this evening as part of Chortlon Arts Festival.

From the CAF website...

driver drive faster with Denis Jones and Cosmos Collapse


St. Ninian's Church


Saturday 26 May, 2012 - 9pm

£7/£5 Concessions

A night of sonic and visual wonderment in the suburbs, bringing together technology, melody and folklore within the charming surroundings of St Nininas. Driver Drive Faster will showcase their timeworn sound that exists somewhere between Americana and spectral indie rock. Denis Jones can be counted on to create vast and complex orchestrations which will veer from folk and blues to other-worldy electronica. Meanwhile Cosmos Collapse are likely to conjure delicate guitar parts and electronic flourishes, yet with a lyrical content firmly rooted in the urban fabric of modern life. All this will be complemented by the visual creations of the Portals collective: a show simply not to be missed.

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