Thursday, 24 May 2012

BRIGHTON Soundtracks: The Record Album Shop

Whilst we were in Brighton the other week for 'Mcr, By The Sea', we visited an amazing little record shop, dedicated entirely to "fine soundtracks for the discerning collector"

It's run by an elderly chap called George Ginn who has an amazing, encyclopedic knowledge of soundtrack albums from the 40s through to the present. His stock features everything from Japanese folk cinema to German science fiction 'soundscapes', limited edition TV show flexi discs, 80s action films, 60s French noir & lots, lots more, all on perfect quality original vinyl pressings.

We very much recommend a visit, well worth 3 hours of your time and £300 of your money at the very least - these kind of places won't be here forever and should be cherished now. If you can't get to Brighton (it's just outside the station, go right, up the hill and you're there) then the website is here:

The Record Album, 8 Terminus Road, Brighton, BN1 3PD
[01273] 561 913

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