Sunday, 28 August 2011

NEW Road To Karu MIXTAPE by Spikehawk

aA associate SpikeHawk has sent us this Scandinavia-themed disco mix that, as it's bank holiday in the UK & hence the onset of autumn, is well worth a listen. Hear or d/l from Soundcloud right, about, here:

roadtokarhu.mp3 by SpikeHawkslee

Here's the tracklist, probably best enjoyed deep in a Finnish forest or, alternatively, a Northern English psyched-out bassment party...

you and the sun- Bandjo Lamma island- Max essa ghosts- hundred in the hands
Phlaa- Plank slitte sko- bjorn torske
A1- D lissvik goodnight arrow- the phantom band
Bardolator- Eine kleine nacht musik sensu 2- Bandjo
0003- This is head woods- not sure which tune
All aboard- eat lights become lights you too- fontan
Glide- the soundcarriers bergensere- bjorn torske
Space instrumental- richard James the angst and the angst part 2- Dj hell

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