Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Greetings From Beacons - THIS WEEKEND!

A last head's up for this weekend's excellent looking Greetings From Beacons Festival - the brochure's below which details all the amazing stuff going on - check it out & if you've not got tickets yet, there should be a few left. The aA Shed Stage on Saturday starts at 5pm & we'll be trying to stick to these times:

5.00pm: John Stammers
5.45pm: Golden Glow
6.30pm: Beat The Radar
7.15pm: Driver Drive Faster
8.15pm: Phan Thom Bond
9.05ish: H Hawkline
9.15pm: Y Niwl
10.15pm: PLANK!
aA DJs will be playing records & drinking light ale in between too...

Follow us here for updates over the weekend & for a preview, check out this mix.

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