Wednesday, 27 July 2011

PLANK! join Milk Maid for BBC Introducing THIS FRIDAY 29TH JULY

join Milk Maid this Friday at Ruby Lounge, in the words of the BBC:

"The month rolls around again and, having taken a break for Glastonbury, BBC Introducing in Manchester Live at the Ruby Lounge returns for another slice of four-band-fun.

Headlining this month’s show are the somewhat amazing Milk Maid, ex-Nine Black Alps bassist Martin Cohen’s new project, who have just released their immensely lo-fi and enthralling album, Yucca, to great applause all round.

As ever, the headliners top a fine bill, like the cream and cherry on a knickerbocker glory, and ahead of their set will be the three-headed prog beast that is Plank!, the utterly loopy but still tremendous Dr Mahogany’s Goat Circus and the sparklingly epic Lisbon.

Tempted? How could you not be, especially when you remember it is free in. What is not to like?

BBC Introducing in Manchester Live is at the Ruby Lounge on Friday 29 July"


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