Thursday, 28 July 2011

Greetings From The Beacons - aA Stage - times & details

aA will be hosting the outdoor shed stage thingy from 5pm-11pm on the Saturday 13th August at the ace looking Greetings From The Beacons Festival, which is only 2 weeks away: It's nearly sold out so be super quick in getting your tickets. This is who we've booked, some maybe familiar to you, some not so....

5.00pm: John Stammers' mix of jazz/blues/folk/psychedelia filled with well-crafted melodies and instrumental pieces, hints of trad arrangements and flashes of contemporary popular song mark him far-out way and beyond the normal singer songwriter fare. He’s just released his long anticipated debut album on the wonderful Wonderfulsound label that would sit beautifully somewhere between your Pentangle, John Fahey and Nick Drake vinyl collection. Go seek it.

5.45pm: Golden Glow is the charming solo project of aA regular Pierre Hall. His first set of recordings has just been released as ‘Tender Is The Night’ on Mush Records and is a storming collection of lo-fi indie pop beauties, live it’s swelled to a more raucous four piece, who we're sure a lot of you have seen playing around town or hanging around in places doing things they shouldn't be.

6.30pm: Beat The Radar: These Cumbrian exiles are just putting the finishing touches to their 2nd album for aA, sure they'll be playing songs from this and 'To The City..' Well that's if they remember their bass guitar and drummer.

[ Download Beat The Radar from iTunes ]

7.15pm: Driver Drive Faster - We've obviously been harping on about these on these pages for a while now, if you've still not bought Open House? Er, why not? Get it here from the aA Shop

[ Download Driver Drive Faster from iTunes ]

Phat Hat Bondmen - you won't Wants to miss this lot.

If we're not running ridiculously over time, hopefully H.Hawkline will be kind enough to play a couple of songs on his geetar. Check his records out too, they sound nothing like this Far more fucked up - in a pessimistic pop paeans yelpings over droney garage rock bouncing along on motorik wheels which have eventually fallen off kinda way.

Y Niwl specialise in surf pop with a garage punk edge. Inspired by the likes of Dick Dale, The Surfaris, The Champs, Joe Meek, The Shadows they’ve been touring the world with fellow Welsh countryman Gruff Rhys, as both support act and backing band. “Y Niwl live in the mountains and they’re the world’s highest altitude post-surf band,” Rhys has said. “They sound like post-rockers gatecrashing a Tarantino soundtrack.” So thats more than fine by us.

10.15pm: PLANK!
Fresh from their jazz sleighing spot at the Manchester International Festival these boys have been stepping things up of recent. Watch out for a few surprises sonically and visually for this one as the continue to push their electronically expressive sound further (and far out) from their Krautrock, expansive prog, psychedelic, soundtrack and post-rock leanings.

[ Download PLANK! from iTunes ]

Plus they'll be aA Djs playing all sorts (wonky electronic disco, psych-pop, Krauty goodness, blue eyed folk, yacht house, leftfield rock leanings) or just whatever happens to be at the top of their record bags in between the bands to distract the sound engineer.

We'll be uploading a Beacons-themed mixtape very soon, in the meantime check out the
Youtube playlist & you can follow us here for more updates, links, rambling & such...

If you'd like to purchase tickets for
Greetings From The Beacons click here but get moving quick, it's gonna sell out pretty damn soon... The line up from Thursday to the Sunday is listed here

Greetings From The Beacons is located at Helsaker Farm, near Carleton, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3AB.

It's basically about an hour's drive from Manchester. No excuses.

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