Tuesday, 7 June 2011

aA SHOP now stocks DDF 'Open House' LP & CD albums

Our staff over at the aA Shop have been busy getting the Driver Drive Faster albums ready for pre-sale and you can order them now, ahead of the proper release on 20th June (like, agggeesss away...). Cheaper than in your high street shops or those fancy online things too. You can order the album on vinyl (super limited) or CD (amazing hand printed sleeves - pics soon) or hell, both if that's how you roll.

The downloads via iTunes, 7digital, eMusic etc will be up soon too.

If the Post Office, Mp3's or Paypal aren't your thing then you'll be able to buy 'Open House' at the launch do on the 17th @ Kraak Gallery or from Piccadilly Records on the Monday after.

[ ps - there's a crisp new 10p for the first person to name the shop above ]

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