Friday, 7 January 2011

Softpriest - 'hero of the year' for Citylife Manchester Music Awards

Today, Manchester Evening News' listing magazine CityLife announced it's 'Manc Music Awards 2010' with various categories for local labels, artists, promoters etc. Our own Softpriest won 'Hero Of The Year' which is cool (he should win it ever year but 2010 more than ever, he deserved it) Here's what they said:

"HERO OF THE YEAR: Soft Priest
As DJ and label boss of Manc indie label Akoustik Anarkhy, the venerable Soft Priest – aka Charles Bayley – has been commanding quiet worship for the best part of a decade.
In 2010, though, Manc audiences had even more reason to pledge their faith when Bayley released his long-awaited debut album Enjoying Moths, a bewitching collection of retro synth-pop majesty.

Bayley’s achievements can’t be emphasised enough; suffering from a rare and incurable form of heart cancer, he recorded the album at his Stockport home between cancer treatments, literally dragging himself out of bed in order to complete his magnum opus.
Enjoying Moths was a brave, astonishing album on multiple levels, but purely for us Manc music fans, here was further proof of why Soft Priest is our city’s greatest unsung musical hero...."

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