Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Softpriest 'album of the week' at Piccadilly Records



aA Recordings release "Enjoying Moths", the debut album by its in-house sonic alchemist Softpriest. The album is an uplifting, smile-inducing album with a rampant sense of joy and humour. Long influenced by Brian Wilson collaborator Van Dyke Parks , this is Softpriest's interpretation of Van Dyke gone disco; bonkers instrumental electronica that draws on the analogue production of Joe Meek, the futuristic reach of the Radiophonic Workshop and hints towards electronic pioneers Kingsley & Perrey, the percussive style of Esquivel and finds a niche in the crevice where video game scores meet choral vocals and 303 beats.

A former member of Manchester pop band The Ruby Tuesdays, Softpriest-aka Charles Bayley has been a punk, a techno-head and latterly the king of exotica.


1. Jarmy Days
2. More Roar More
3. Black Inkse Audio
4. Jarmy Nites
5. Nits 4 Gold Uk
6. Retardis
7. Meet My Eyes
8. Human Bauble Status
9 Hands Knees & Bumpsydaisy
10. Night Soil Guy
11. Wish I Could Sing
12. Tip Toe Through The Nettles
13. Deep Pockets
14. In The Bosom
15. Enjoying Moths

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