Sunday, 24 October 2010

Softpriest : Enjoyings Moths [ aA2w/051 ]

Nice one for popping down to our In The City/Melodic joint do last Friday, fun times. Softpriest was on top form behind the decks so seems a perfect time to tell you about our next release...

'Enjoying Moths…' is the debut album by aA's in-house sonic alchemist Softpriest, maker of madcap electronica and spinner of the best tunes you never heard.

Titled, simply enough, for Softpriest’s love of moths – so often considered the poor relation of butterflies – Enjoying Moths… is an uplifting, smile-inducing album with a rampant sense of joy, humour and excitement. Long influenced by Brian Wilson collaborator Van Dyke Parks, this is the Softpriest’s interpretation of Van Dyke gone disco; bonkers instrumental electronica that draws on the analogue production of Joe Meek, the futuristic reach of the Radiophonic Workshop and hints towards electronic pioneers Kinglsey & Perrey. The percussive style of Esquivel, and finds a niche in the crevice where video game scores meet choral vocals and 303 beats. It’s like pop music from another civilisation.

Here's a little taster to see why we're so excited

Pre-order from the aA shop now and it will be sent out waaaay before it hits the shops on the 29th Nov

And hold tight for news on an album launch party in November...

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