Monday, 26 July 2010

Smiley smile - we're 50 releases old..

Who'd have thought it that this bunch of chancers would make it to 50 records old! But yup, we're pleased to announce
The Smiles &; Frowns debut 8 tracker released mid August (and available for pre order now in the shop) will be aA's 50th release.

The Smiles & Frowns are a duo from Phoenix, Arizona who wind away their day-ze making imaginative psych folk pop that reminds us of White Album era Beatles, Syd Barrett, Oliver Postgate, Curt Boettcher, Peter Dello, Brian Wilson and other 60s West Coast pop.

Here's a taster for you all and a present to take you into the week

We'll be toasting the release at one of our favourite Manchester drinking establishments - Silver Apples in West Didsbury on Saturday 7th August from 6pm with young Will and Soft Priest spinning some records inbetween playing the album back a few times.. hope you can make it along, it's free in so there is no reason not to!

The release will also be available on super super limited vinyl and we mean REALLY super limited - hold tight for news on that and other Smiles & Frowns related happenings...

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