Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy New Year from aA

Hope you had a good Christmas, New Year & all that jazz...

aA Online

We thought we'd say "hi!" but also to point you in the direction of various aA-related online activity so that you can keep up to date with all that's going on. To be honest we're pretty rubbish at this spamming business and rarely get round to sending out those kind of emails but thanks to easy 140 character updates the following are the best way to find out what's happening when:

To join the aA Recordings FaceBook Group please click here. As well as gig news and record release updates there are various photos from aA across the years and an archive of loads of flyers amongst non-aA music recommendations and other bits and pieces.

The aA Twitter account can be found at - pop by and say hi.

The aA Shop has a load of CD and vinyl releases from artists such as Beat The Radar, its a buffalo, Cats In Paris, and Thomas Truax as well as compilations and links to the download versions.

We also have a range of t-shirts available - best to email for more details.

aA News

Main gig news this month is Beat The Radar and Plank!'s appearances at the Friends Of Manchester Festival which takes place in Jabez Clegg and Kro Bar on Saturday 30th January in Manchester, UK. Click the link to find out more on ticket prices, line up, times etc etc...

There's too many other bands playing to list here but all you need to know is that Plank! are on at 6.15pm, second stage Jabez Clegg with Beat The Radar on the same stage at 8.15pm. There's also a DJ set at some point by Lego. Should be a good day.

KRAAK Gallery in Manchester's NQ currently have an exhibition called 'Fly Posters Will Not Be Prosecuted' which features a load of aA promo amongst loads of other nights in Manchester. We of course never actually fly posted, we're good like that.

There's loads of other stuff coming up in next few months - we're real excited about the upcoming Plank! EP and we've got some new artists lined up from far away that we're sure you'll like. There are more parties planned for Manchester, London and Dublin as well as capers and adventures further afield.

Here's to the new decade.

Lots Of Love, All @ aA

Manchester, England

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