Wednesday, 7 October 2009


So whats going on at aA this Friday I hear you ask?

Well we've invited the good people and fellow Manc independent label types ATIC Records to share the floor and stage at the Deaf Institute this Friday 9th.

They've just put a record out (‘On Safari’) by THE WITCH AND THE ROBOT which borders on the uncatergorisable and possibly the strangest new act you’ll encounter this year. Blending dark psychedelia, folk, shanties and spoken word, these Lake District dwellers prove that the darkest music often comes from the prettiest places. The Lakes have long inspired poets, painters and romantics but The Witch And The Robot have filtered that inspiration into something dark, intense and meat-strewn.

Such a release should be celebrated and it has:

“The Witch And The Robot add something piquant and properly odd to the the psych-folk pot – namely, motorik rock, ‘60s beat and baggy soul. On Safari is studded with crack gems that suggests an equal fondness for Happy Mondays, Fred Neil, Can and Vivian Stanshall.” Uncut

“Some sort of freak-folk, pastoral, krautrock mindblow. seriously, SOOO good!” Drowned In Sound

Also coming over the mountains are MECHANICAL OWL, sounding like a real broken social scene from North Wales their super melodic soundscaped rock creations have to be seen to be believed.

And opening procedures are THE FTSE 100. It's funk but not as we know it! (if funk embraced tight assed experimental warblings that is). Formed via The Freezing Fog and the much missed Burnst this group of likely lads teamed up to challenge for the gold medal in Funk. With the impending announcement that Funk will be included as a category in the 2012 Olympics, and even more excitingly, for Rio De Janeiro in 2016, these boys are by far and away in the best position to be drawn as the British squad. Catch them while you can before they adorn lycra outfits.

That's what’s going on, on stage. On the decks aA regulars Lego and Will be playing whatever they pull out of their record (mixed)bag while Atic founder and Manchester institution AIM will be bringing a crew and spinning records to keep the party going late into the night....

All this for a credit crunching fiver. Doors 8ish. See you then...

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