Friday, 29 May 2009

Beat The Radar | Single Launch | June 6th

Beat The Radar celebrate the launch of their debut aA single 'Telephone Conversation' on June 6th at Piccadilly Gardens Hotel. Support comes from Young British Artists, Sir Yes Sir & aA Deejays, starts at 8pm and it'll cost you £5...

Here's what's being said about 'Telephone Conversation'

"featuring hooks the size of World War II bombersand melodies so sparkling that over-exposure is sure to lead to blindness of the ears – deafness, then – it’s a great introduction to a band brimming with crossover potential."”-track of the day- CLASHMUSIC.COM

"with unyielding tunes and an energetic rhythm capable of making even the most stubborn of legs move – this is a three minute trip of teeth rattling hair raising joy tied to the dancefloor - a surefire bunch of 2009 hopefuls."" MANCHESTER MUSIC

"Fuck looking like a fashionista; this is indie music as its meant to be. Songs like ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘By The Sea’ stand out a mile – Idlewild meets Cribs guitar anthems, and most importantly they mean every word." THE FLY

"“We’ve been missing something like this –desolate yet hopeful new wave with an immense grasp on stadium rock dynamics – and this is what we want” " HIGH VOLTAGE MAGAZINE

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