Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Hey up folks, a quick update on happenings at aA hQ.

First up. CATS IN PARIS debut single 'Foxes' is out next Monday (21st April).

To celebrate there's a single launch party at the rather new splendid Deaf Institue (Trof) this THURSDAY 17th. It will be the first opportunity to get your hands on the 7". Doors are at 8pm, Cats In Paris will be playing, obviously and also on the bill LA Pals and Burnst.

DJs - Soft Priest, young Will and Lego playing all sorts of pop musica til late. T'was Guardian's club pick of the week this weekend, which was nice. Only a fiver in, get down early.

The single will also be available from the weekend at the aA Shop, as is the new its a buffalo EP, the four tracks that made up their now sold out debut 7s are have been compiled on to one handy CD format. Exclusively only available from aA Shop and nights, theres a handful in Piccadilly Records and on the merchandise stands on the current Courteeners tour, who the lads are out supporting.

We're also pleased to announce a special line up for May's aA featuring debut shows in Manchester for New Zealand's THE RUBY SUNS and Chicago's SPECK MOUNTAIN. Who will be sharing the stage with local boys (and girl) THE BEEP SEALS and CATS IN PARIS. The Ruby Sun's latest record 'Sea Lion' is abit of a fave at aA. Read all about them in this great piece in Mojo. And Speck Mountain's 'Summer Above' was Piccadilly Records number 5 album of 2007 in their Top 100 List. A must for all fans of warm fuzzy sounds a la Mazzy Star, Velvets, Spiritualized. This is on Friday 16th May. From 8 til very late with Djs and visuals making up a full technicolour experience! Tickets availble from here, get in now to avoid dissapointment, £6 advance; http://www.wegottickets.com/event/29765

Right, that'll do for now. hold tight for some quality aA antics in June featuring The Longcut at Deaf Institute, Capitol K at a joint all dayer with Brainlove Records at the Rampant Lion. And we will have some news on new full lengthers out this summer on aA.

Oh, If you want to be kept updated on aA-related matters via Facebook sign up here:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Akoustik-Anarkhy-Recordings/40676310576

And see below aA guru Soft Priest waxs lyrical on aA's new signings and May's headliners The Ruby Suns...

See you Thursday..


So why do aA love CATS IN PARIS so much? Because of their visionary marrying of the baroque, the cute, the prog & the cro-magnon riff of course. Take gripping live favorite 'Flame Throwers' with its scenic Hungarian gypsy string stylings & tense staccato violin sections, it's pure drama-core for the uninitiated. Who else could pull off such a collosal 2nd half to a song where prettily doom-laden chord sequences seemingly teeter on the edge of dischord yet are still well able to elevate the mood to one of great anticipation of the approaching climax. Their accumulated attention to detail is both breath-taking & macroscopic. Yes they've been compared to Deerhoof, Los Campesinos, The Apes & Fat Worm of Error, but the fact is they are simply a thoroughly modern band, who, whilst admittedly an urbane, savvy & serious ensemble, aren't afraid to be irreverent or complicit with the zietgeist when the mood takes them. It is this stark, fun yet wordy & radical approach to songsmithery that makes them the devastatingly essential & important band that they are and why they are to be missed at your peril.SPACE MUSIC FOR FELINES, FLYING SAUCERS OF MILK ANYONE?

Tahiti ahoy via New Zealand!Visions of twinkling guitars, grass skirts, garlands of fresh flowers and dancing the Hula, THE RUBY SUNS definitely share Paul Gauguin's fabulous vision of Polynesia with their intense & blazing musical colours. Hailing from Auckland, NZ, a virtual stones skim from the south pacific paradise, they come to our shores on a roughly hewn raft of sun frazzled PSYCH of the SAGITTARIUS variety, to promote their incredible new album SEA LION on MEMPHIS INDUSTRIES. SEA LION sounds as if it was decorated by nature itself & effortlessly paddles the forgotten wispering streams where widescreen Rogers & Hammersteinesque dreamy island love affairs, foam over in to uplifting Hawiian chants & solar dappled brass melodies. Coming on like a shipwrecked OF MONTREAL putting on a gang show on for PANDA BEAR, they bring a rare shaft of sunshine for our slate grey victorian skies. On seeing Tahiti for the 1st time in 1891 Gauguin exclaimed, "I get symphonies & Harmonies" . However, unlike Gauguin, the only clap involved is of the hand variety, expect knee slapping, hand drums, conches, nose flutes and hordes of bikini clad Samoan women (ok we made that bit up).

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