Friday, 24 August 2007

Neil Burrell Single Available Today from aA Shop

Due to citcumstances beyond our control, Neil Burrell's debut single 'Ooompa Zoompa / Evelyn' is now in the shops 27th August. We have the item in our hands and they're a very beautiful thing indeed. Go and say hello to Neil at There's also a review in the latest Mixmag ('Burrell has made a staggeringly psychadelic bit of oddness') and some dotted around the worldwide web. There's the single launch in Manchester at Britons Protection on Saturday 1st Sept with good friends of ours from Brixton shindigs the excellent The Superimposers and the always ace Former Bullies . There's even a rumour of a return
for the Mobile Confessional . You can get the new single now from the aA shop. What you waiting for!? Your Man? Mum? The White Devil's Day Is Almost Over don't you know.

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