Thursday, 25 January 2007

New Sam and Me Podcast

Happy new year one & all. We recommend a visit to iTunes to get the free download of the Sam and Me music show. Further details from the Herne Hill duo below on their latest endeavours as smashy & nicey.

The Sam and Me Show - Podcast - Episode 3 online now!

Well, it's taken far longer than we'd hoped but episode 3 of The Sam and Me Show is finally available to download from iTunes.

Just head to the iTunes music store, then podcasts and lastly do a search for Sam and Me. If you haven't subscribed yet - get in there! The first two shows are still available for anyone that missed them and it's still free.


1. The Pinker Tones - Sonida Total
2. Filthy Dukes - We Know You Know It
3. Soft Priest - We All Need Someone To Taunt
4. Sam and Me - Crying At Full-Time
5. Talk - System
6. Duke Dumont - Mekon Yes Yes Y'all
7. Jack Da Lad - Keep Movin'
8. The Presets - I Go Hard I Go Home

Episode 4 is well under way and promises to be the best yet!

Happy new year everyone!

Sam and Rowan. xo<

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